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Adding My #followfriday Recommendations To My New Bio

March 27, 2009

I love Fridays!

Friday is the start of the weekend, Friday is the afternoon I pick my Son up from pre-school and go do something cool together each week, and of course Friday is the most generous day on Twitter.

Many of you will already know about the hashtag #followfriday

For those that don’t, click the link and you will get to the Twitter search page for #followfriday. You will see many, many, many tweets recommending other tweeps to follow. While some may just post lists of usernames followed by the #followfriday hashtag, the best recommendation you can tweet includes a short description of why you are recommending a tweep.

Adding my #followfriday tweets to my bio involves using my favorites as I described previously. As I try to encourage more new followers to check out my favorites to learn more about me, these #followfriday tweets are a perfect way to show who I am into right now!

Plus it gives added value to the tweeps I recommend, as some users interested in learning more about me will click through to the recommended tweeps profile.

If this doesn’t make sense you can always take a look at my favorites.

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